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Alpine® FlyFit

Alpine® FlyFit
Alpine® FlyFit Alpine® FlyFit Alpine® FlyFit Alpine® FlyFit
Brand: Alpine® Hearing Protection
Product Code: ENG00-033
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The special acoustic filters incorporated in the FlyFlit provide protection against excessive ambient noise. During a flight, it also regulates the irritating pressure on the eardrums during take-off and landing. The FlyFit earplugs ensure rest and relaxation during long flights, but are also highly suitable for use when travelling by bus, train, car, etc.

Unique design

ATS FlySafe graphic500 FlyFit earplugs are made from a soft thermoplastic material. The warmth of the ear causes the earplugs to adapt to the shape of the ear. This makes them very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the earplugs are barely visible in the ear.









Duration of use

Alpine FlyFit ear plugs last longer if you if you look after them.


How to insert FlyFit ear plugs

  1. To insert the protectors, use the enclosed insertion tube. Slide the tube over the filter stem.
  2. Slightly pull up your ear and insert the hearing protector into the ear.
  3. Rotate the insertion tube until the protector fits snugly.
Optimum fit

Thanks to the soft, flexible thermoplastic material used, the protectors are very comfortable to wear. Everyone has a different ear profile, so it may be necessary to make some small adjustments to the protectors for the optimum fit.

Is the earplug too long?
  1. The ear plug may protrude from your ear. In that case, carefully remove the filter from the ear plug.
  2. Then cut off a small section of the stem and replace the filter in the ear plug.
How to clean FlyFit ear plugs?
Alpine ear plugs last longer if you look after them.
1,2) Clean them regularly using lukewarm water and a little soap.

NOTE: Failure to comply with the above instructions for use may seriously shorten the useful life and reduce the effectiveness of the ear plugs. Alpine Nederland BV cannot be held responsible for these consequences.

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