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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

Life should not be hindered because you recognise a difficulty in hearing. Generally this can be wrongly associated with advancing age, but this is not always the case. Although...



Tinnitus is the perception of a sound for which there is no external source, generally an annoying sensation. Symptoms of tinnitus include types of phantom noises in your ears such...

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

No matter what age you are protect your hearing against exposure to loud noise and it will be one of the best investments you will make. Hearing loss can be a direct result of anoccupation, a...

Professional Services

Professional Services

At earpeace™ we provide a range of audiology services which include: Client Hearing Assessment; Medical & Lifestyle History, Otoscopy & Audiometry Provision of Hearing Aids; Selection...

earpeace™ eShop

earpeace™ eShop

Batteries Life is too short to be worrying about where you should get your hearing aid/protection supplies. We have developed the earpeace™ shop facility where you can reorder all the supplies and...

earpeace™ | Events

earpeace™ | Events

At earpeace™ we provide support to community groups through the running of events by our national network of professional audiologists. You can register here for these events in your local...

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At earpeace™ we provide a wide range of hearing protection products through our online shop. For customised products please contact a member of the team at our Head Office on the following: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: +353 (0)91 442 664.

ActiveN Suppression

SoundGear-150pxSoundGear is electronic hearing protection that combines the instant fit convenience of a behind-the-ear (BTE) device with the comfort of a customised device. SoundGear delivers high performance digital technology for shooters seeking both digital sound enhancement and hearing protection. Digital means lower noise, less feedback and the ability to tune into your surroundings while protecting your hearing.

The features include:

  • Dynamic digital protection
  • Virtuallly whistle-free and eliminates feedback
  • Elastomeric sleeve providing easy to wear comfort
  • Instant fit
  • Noise reduction rating of 25dB
  • Size 10AE battery


PassiveN Suppression

Plugs-150pxThere are two types of noise plugs:

  • Solid, designed to completely block the ear. These are available in Microflex and Biopor.
  • Filtered, which has a sound bore through the mould into which a filter is fitted. This permits reception of conversational speech, aeration and changes in air pressure in the users ear canal. A choice of filter, depending upon need, acts to attenuate the noise by varying degrees of frequency.

There are a range of filters for different noise situations. These include:

  • F10 Filter (white): Attenuates noise levels from pile driving, shooting, high pressure cleaners and is suitable for studying concentration.
  • F8 Filter (red): Attenuates noise levels from heavy industry, metal processing, snoring and is suitable for peacefully sleeping.
  • F7 Filter (green): Attenuates noise levels from timber industry, construction work, DIYers, motorcycling (wind noise).
  • F6 Filter (blue): Attenuates noise levels from light industry, transport industry, music (party/concerts) and lawn mowing.
  • F4 Filter (yellow): Attenuates noise levels from printing works.

A supply of Alpine filters can be purchased from earpeace™ shop


There is also a range of Alpine standard fit earplugs. The range includes:



AlpineEarPlugRange-350px A supply of Alpine standard fit earplugs can be purchased from earpeace™ shop.





Speciality Products

SpecialityProducts-2-150pxMusicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods.

Different amounts of protection are required depending on the sound levels musicians encounter during rehearsals and performances, their roles and location.

The attenuations differ in classification, providing either more or less attenuation depending on the prevalent levels of sound.

  • ER9: Suitable for use under light noise exposure, such as, vocalists and acoustic guitar or string players.
  • ER15: Suitable for medium noise exposure, ideal for most musicians.
  • ER25: Suitable for heavy noise exposure, such as, heavily amplified instruments, percussion or brass players.

SpecialityProducts-1-150pxMusician's earplugs are flat-response attenuators which replicate the natural response of the open ear, so that sound heard through these plugs has the same quality as the original sound, just quieter.

There is also a very compact plug in a canal style with a filter specially designed to provide protection for motorcyclists.



Audio Monitors

Personal Audio Monitors are designed to reduce ambient noise which may affect music lovers or which may challenge professionals during a live performance. TUNZ  delivers a quality of sound that is prized by professional musicians.

  • Tunz-150pxTunz Duo
    • Drivers: dual balanced armature receivers with passive crossover
    • Configured with 1.3m hardwire cables exiting downwards with 3.5mm plug
    • Ideal for MP3 use, computers and gaming systems
    • Sensitivity (1000Hz): 106dB @1mW
    • Impedance (1000Hz): 42 Ohms
    • Frequency response: 20Hz to 15000Hz

  • Tunz Duo S
    • Drivers: dual balanced armature receivers with increased sensitivity, passive crossover
    • Configured with 1.27m replaceable cables exiting upwards with 3.5mm plug
    • Ideal for live sound and recording environments
    • Sensitivity (1000Hz): 121dB @1mW
    • Impedance (1000Hz): 39 Ohms
    • Frequency response: 20Hz to 15000Hz

  • Tunz Trio B
    • Drivers: triple balanced armature receivers, including the addition of a sub woofer, passive crossover
    • Configured with 1.27m replaceable cables exiting upwards with 3.5mm plug
    • Ideal for live sound and recording environments where even greater sensitivity and richer low end response is required
    • Sensitivity (1000Hz): 123dB @1mW
    • Impedance (1000Hz): 132 Ohms
    • Frequency response: 20Hz to 15000Hz


Tunz In-ear Headphones are also available from the earpeace™ shop.





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